HariniSoft Solutions was started by Mr. Vinod Thonangi an M.I.S from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. With over nine years of domain experience overseas in the IT sector, his dream has always been to apply new technologies, impart training with a professional environment for learning. Providing best in customer service and deriving new avenues for inventing, implementing and testing new technologies with a user-friendly interface. In our fast growing economy we have an ever growing need for newer technologies from Corporate to Local businesses we have a requirement for cost saving and work efficiency, all with the help of technology. At HariniSoft Solutions we believe that whatever your business need, we would ensure that there IT solution provided by us will enable our customers to improve and ease their business. Since inception in 2010 HariniSoft Solutions, has kept up with the same derivatives that have been designed by our founder. Our goal is to equip our customers with cutting edge technologies such as development services / I.T. consulting / online advertisements / E-commerce / SEO to all our Small Scale, Large Scale and as well as government institutions.

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